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Mike's Pruning and Tree care 
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In order to enjoy your trees to the fullest, you have to keep them healthy. The act of tree pruning means more than cutting away branches. You have to have experience and training to know where to cut to prevent harming the tree and having several connecting branches die in the process.
Mike’s Pruning and Tree Care has years of experience with detailed and thorough tree pruning. No matter if it’s your Japanese maple or your fruit trees. We’ll clear away dead branches to ensure that your tree stands in your yard for a long time. We provide tree pruning to help your gardens get sunlight and to improve your sightlines and satellite dish coverage.
If you need tree pruning, call the experts at Mike’s Pruning and Tree Care. Climbing a ladder with cutting equipment is dangerous work. We have proven techniques like cabling to make certain that no harm comes to your property or our technicians.
Stay safe on the ground and let Mike’s Pruning and Tree Care provide expert tree pruning for your home or business.
Trees are one of our most valuable natural resources. The decision to remove a tree can be a difficult one and should not be taken lightly. As is often the case though, trees can become a hazard to our lives and property. When deciding to remove a tree, consider the following points.
Trees with large diameter canopies can provide energy saving shade to your home during summer months. Consider having a licensed and insured professional arborist prune the tree to reduce the overall weight of the crown, keep it in good health and reduce the risk of its structural failure.
Mature trees, even ones that appear healthy that have grown too large and too close to our homes or living spaces can be a cause for concern and for some - sleepless nights during severe weather or hurricane season.
Consider removing a tree that has signs of disease or decline especially if its size presents a risk and is in close proximity to your home.
Remember that even a healthy tree can fall, shed major limbs at any time or become uprooted during severe weather conditions.